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Danakosha Finland

Tibetan Buddhist Community in the Nyingma Tradition

Buddha Shakyamuni

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It's a great joy to us to provide dharma to anyone who is interested to learn the Buddhist religion and methods. The best way to start learning dharma in Danakosha is to come to our Gomde practices held every Tuesday in Danakosha Dharma Center in Helsinki starting at 6 pm. Gomde is a meditation and recitation practice focusing on Buddha Shakyamuni, the Buddha of our time. Gomde is especially suitable for beginners.

You can find our weekly practice schedule with explanations of the different practices in our weekly practice schedule.

You can find upcoming dharma teachings and other special occasions in our special events schedule. All events are open to everybody unless otherwise stated.

Everybody is cordially welcome to learn Buddhism at Danakosha.


There are three kinds of memberships in Danakosha. The study group is for those who are interested to study dharma in Danakosha, but have not yet become regular practitioners. Anyone so inclined can join the study group.

The Danakosha Mandala is for regular practitioners and helpers of Danakosha. Membership is by invitation of Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche.

The religious community membership means that one becomes officially a member of the Danakosha Finland religious community, and recognized as a Buddhist by the Finnish authorities. The yearly membership fee is 35 € as of 2014.

As a member of Danakosha Dharma Center you are entitled to:

  • Member discount for our events and courses (when there is a discount)
  • Eligibility for Buddhist wedding, consecrated by Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche

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