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Konchog Chidu

Konchod Chidu means "Embodiment of the precious ones." It's a practice concentrating on Guru Rinpoche, and it includes all the Three Roots - outer peaceful Padmasambhava as Guru, inner wrathful Padmasambhava as yidam, and secret Padmasambhava in the form of Simhamukha as Dakini, as well as Padma Wodbhar as the long life form of Padmasambhava. This terma treasure was found by terton Jatson Nyingpo, a reincarnation of Nyongben Tingzin Zangpo, a close student of Padmasambhava, who attained the rainbow body.

Konchog Chidu is a very profound and wide cycle of teachings. Padmasambhava says: If someone even just opens a book of this text, the surroundings become rich and peaceful, and all wars become reduced. If you have devotion and wish to practice this text, it has the power of giving you the attainment of a pure land, even to an animal. These blessings of this profound teaching have not diminished, and therefore receiving this teaching is more precious than finding a wish fullfilling jewel. Even if you have doubt about this dharma, or you think that it's impossible to receive these blessings, your bad karma will be purified and you will enter the path of liberation.

In addition, an individual practitioner who even just holds these teachings in his hands, offers to its deities or listens to these precious teachings, is a son of all Tathagats gone to bliss, and his karmic defilements become pure like a washed white conch. The two accumulations increase like the stars in the sky. Life, accumulations, bodhichitta mind and wisdom increase limitlessly. When death comes, one can recognize ones own natural state and be liberated in the bardo. There is no question about the benefits if you practice or accomplish this text. These are words of Padmasambhava.

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